Custom Printing FAQ

  • Can I see a proof?
    You will receive a proof in digital format (PDF or PNG) via email.

    • Digital: We can print a proof of a digital print for $12.

    • Letterpress: A proof costs the plate or typsetting fee plus the press set up fee and requires a 5 day turnaround. The plate fee or typesetting fee will be subtracted from the final order. We most likely have samples of similar letterpress projects that we would be happy to show you.

    • Screenprinting: A proof costs the set up fee and requires a 2 day turnaround. A portion of the set up fee will be subtracted from the final order. We also have samples of previously screenprinted projects that we would be happy to show you.

  • Can you print just one?

    • Our project minimum is $150 so if you don't mind paying $150 for one print, we don't mind printing just one.

  • Do you offer any digital printing?

    • We prefer to stick to the old school methods but we've been known to mix digital and hand printing methods if the project requires it.

  • Can you combine printing techniques?

    • Absolutely, letterpress and screenprinting often work very well together and we can sometimes use digital printing to help offset costs on pieces where it is appropriate. This is best explained and decided on a case by case basis. We'd be happy to help you plan out the best way to utilize the different printing services we offer. Please send us an email and we'll be happy to help you with your design.

  • How can I keep costs down?

    • Letterpress is known for being tactile and crisp not for being super colorful. There's lots of ways to make the most out of one or two colors for your design including layering two colors to make three (i.e. blue and yellow on top of each other make green.)

    • If your heart is set on a super colorful design we're also happy to mix screenprinting (lower cost) with letterpress. Please send us an email and we'll be happy to help you with your design.

  • Do you print for other people?

    • We'd love to help bring your ideas to life! We can print from your design or work with you to create a custom design. We offer letterpress printing, screenprinting and fine art edition printing. Send us your ideas here and we'll get back to you with a quote.

  • What's the turnaround time?

    • We require 10 business days from the time we receive your files and deposit to make your prints. We will let you know when the project is completed via email or phone call and you are welcome to pick your project up as soon as it's done. If you need your project sooner rush fees will apply.

  • Do you do foil stamping?

    • Yes, but not in-house at the moment. Will be setting up our own foil press very soon!

  • How big can you print?

    • We can print an image up to 13" x 19" on up to 14" x 22" paper on our letterpress machines.

    • Our etching press can print an image up to 35" x 60" on paper up to 36" x 72"

    • We max out on screen printing at an 18" x 24" image area.

  • How many can you print?

    • We focus on quality over quantity and each print that comes out of our shop is made completely by hand. Large quantities can be challenging but if you have a big project in mind please send us an email and we will work with you to figure out if it's possible.

  • What colors do you have?

    • We can mix any color your heart desires. The best way to let us know what colors you would like is to give us a Pantone number. Please make sure you look at a Pantone uncoated color guide as monitors are calibrated differently and we will not be able to match the colors you see on a computer screen. We also have a selection of metallic and neon colors available!

  • Can you print white on black? (or light colors on dark paper)

    • Letterpress printing lays down such a thin layer of ink that even the most opaque inks let through some of the color underneath. So if you print white over black the white will end up looking like a medium grey and if you print yellow over blue it will end up looking green. We can print light colors on dark paper but it probably won't be what you're looking for.

    • Screenprinting puts down a thicker layer of ink that sits on the surface of the paper so it is much easier to get an bright white on top of black paper. Some papers and colors behave better than others so additional fees may apply if complications arise.

      We're also happy to combine screenprinting and letterpress printing to get the color benefits of screenprinting and the tactile benefits of letterpress.

  • Can you print a copy of my painting?

    • We do not have a large format scanner or a Giclee printer. We are happy to help you make a print inspired by your painting using a fine art printmaking technique such as linoleum carving or screenprinting but we are not able to help you with any type of fine art digital printing.

  • Do you print t-shirts?

Custom Design Process FAQ

  • How much does it cost?

    • Custom design work starts at $50 and is priced per piece. Please get in touch about what you have in mind or request a quote for more accurate pricing.

  • How long does the custom design process take?

    • We will send your first round of designs to you within 5 business days.

    • The first design round will include up to three different design ideas that we will send to you electronically (as a PDF or PNG) for you to consider.

    • Once you select which direction you would like to move forward with, you will get three additional free rounds of revisions before moving onto production. We usually get revisions back to you in two business days.

    • We advise allowing at least two weeks for the design process depending on number of pieces, complexity of the designs and your availability.

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