Terms and Conditions

  • Quotes

    • Quotes and Invoices are good for 90 days. Prices are subject to change after that time.

  • Deposits
    Deposits are good for 90 days. If we do not hear from you after that time, your deposit is void and will not be be applicable to use towards any orders.

    • Custom Design Work - When you are ready to get started, the payment for all custom design work must be made in full before you can receive any designs. We do not take any additional payment until your designs are finalized and ready for production. This deposit is non-refundable.

    • Production and Printing - Once your design files are handed off to us and finalized, a 50% deposit of total printing cost will be due before we can start any production, including applicable taxes (7% for FL residents).

  • Certified Originality

    • As the designer, it is your responsibility to ensure that the design you are providing to us is your own and does not resemble other products or designs that are available through other letterpress or design studios. You shall indemnify Nocturnal Press against all claims and expenses, including attorney fees, due to any actions taken against you for copyright infringements. When you sign this contract, you are certifying that the designs you are providing us with are your own original concepts.

  • Proofs

    • We offer digital proofs only, unless you want to pay additional fees.

    • A PDF or PNG will be emailed to you for final approval before moving onto production.

    • All monitors are calibrated differently, so be sure to look at an actual Pantone swatch when choosing your spot colors, rather than choosing on screen. We cannot match colors to what is seen on a monitor.

  • Revisions

    • Nocturnal Press will not be held responsible for any errors in text, dates, spelling, etc. Once you have sent your files to us, or you have approved your final custom designs, you are assuming full responsibility for the accuracy of you own information and understand that any changes that may need to be made after printing will be at your own expense. Please look over your files very carefully for any errors before sending them to us and approving final files for production.

  • Turnaround, Final Payment and Shipping

    • Turnaround - Our standard turnaround on custom printing orders is 10-15 business days from the time we receive and have your files approved and a deposit is made. Holidays, weekends and transit time are not included in the schedule. Rush orders are available at an additional charge. Please let us know if you have a quick deadline or special needs. Your job may require extra time due to circumstances out of our control, such as extra finishing services, file issues, or delay in shipment, in which case we will notify you if we cannot meet the normal turnaround time. Turnaround times are not guaranteed, they are simply an estimate of when your project will be completed. We will not credit clients for jobs that run over schedule due to uncontrollable circumstances. We will let you know when your order is completed via email or phone call and you are welcome to pick your project up as soon as it's done. If you need your project sooner rush fees may apply.

    • Shipping - Turnaround time does not include transit times.

    • Final payment is due upon pick-up or shipment of your order. We accept all major credit cards, checks and cash. Cash payments do not exclude you from paying applicable taxes (7% for FL residents). Please note that if you plan to pay by check, we will not ship or start your project until your check arrives and has cleared. Checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged a $30.00 bank fee plus a $20.00 processing charge. Final Payments must be made within 30 calendar days of when your order is complete. All orders must also be picked up within 45 days of completion. After this time, Nocturnal Press is not responsible for the care of your order unless otherwise discussed.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation

    • If for any reason you should need to cancel your order once you have handed off your final artwork or approved your custom design, we will assess the materials that have been ordered and you will be charged in full for any materials that can not be returned, plus shipping and handling costs of those materials. If we have begun printing your job, you will be expected to pay your final balance in full.

  • Reprints and Liabilities

    • Claims for damages, defects or shortages must be submitted in writing within 10 business days after the delivery or pick up of your order. Our liability shall be limited to the sales price of any defective goods, we will not be liable for any consequential damages such as profit loss.